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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 9, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, february 9. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. the san francisco police commission is meeting right now to develop a plan to better handle situations involving people who are mentally ill. and is a taser a better option? christien kafton is fly at city hall. >> reporter: a pair of police officers are on hand right now
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here on the fourth floor of city hall and that powerpoint presentation is just getting underway. those officers are talking about what this city is doing right and san francisco considers methods to be the gold standard. >> the first focus is, are we doing everything we can to teacher officers what they can do to avoid the use of force at all? >> reporter: they are learning how methods trains its officers and the move comes after a series of incidents where officers killed or injured mentally ill people. >> mental illness is still a library for me as to how many people are mentally ill in the streets and how we interact with them. >> reporter: the police chief is looking into more training and less lethal equipment like stun guns which he says could save lives and reduce injuries.
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>> i do not want it to be the mistake that taser's will to speak used on mentally ill people. that is not the case. >> reporter: they are also urging the police and chief to adapt training similar to that dina mehta. >> we need to make it more likely system to make it better. >> reporter: memphis police officers get for the extra hours of training and those officers are in charge. the commission could votes to adopt those who was later tonight and we will have the latest details of the 10:00 news. now to the east bay were bart police officers took part in a trading session today aimed at improving their interactions with the public. the training is part of the apartment -- the department's approach providing a great repeat for bart police officers
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and getting them out of their patrol cars improving awareness for the people and communities they are serving. the district attorney has decided it will not file charges against two oakland police officers who shot and killed an armed on demand. they shot and killed derrick jones last november after a- foot chase. the officers that jones kept reaching grease shiny object which turned out to be a scale. the oakland tribune is reporting that the officers will not face charges. neither the das office or the police department would confirm the information. oakland homicide investigators are looking into the death of a man whose remains were found burning beneath an overpass to a passerby reported smoke coming from beneath the overpass. firefighters put out the fire and discovered the body. it is not clear if the man's death is a homicide. they say there is evidence of a home is containment with the
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fire happened. a man was shot about 1:15 in the hearts of the haight district. two police officers were patrolling when they heard the shots and came running. they found the man lying in the street and witnesses directed officers where they arrested a suspect described as a store employee. >> i heard three gunshots go off beat iran out. i looked over there and saw a man laying down his back screaming he has been shot. >> police say the victims and suspect knew each other. not to contra costa county were teachers and parents are over arms over a plan to shut
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down school districts. there is a budget shortfall mixture of $1.5 million into close that gap the board voted to shut down holbrook elementary and glenbrook middle school and is considering a third school. either westwood or so for what elementary. and in pleasant hill, sequoia middle school and elementary are the chopping block. >> five minutes before it started we found out, and it has been a very sad thing. >> a final decision is expected in two weeks. jerry brown is abandoning the plan to sell state buildings. our sword snigger championed the real estate deal so hot is governor brown plan to make up
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the difference? ken pritchett reports from sacramento. >> reporter: for sale, that is inside you will not see in sacramento or in san francisco at the state building. they called off sales. >> is the ultimate in kicking the can down the road. >> reporter: instead the state will shift money to bring revenue. >> the alternative will save $6 billion. >> reporter: the budget was the topic when brown met with lawmakers this afternoon. he needs republicans to put tax extensions speak for voters and people are not the answer was a flat no. >> we are not to the point where we are seeing as putting something on the ballot yet. i think it would depend on what the bout looks like. >> reporter: republicans seem open to a special election and without tax extensions the
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state will be forced to/$25 billion fund the budget. >> i will make those cuts and it will be very difficult for the legislature to go along with that. >> reporter: he says the proposed june special election may be by a mail-in ballot to possibly increase participation. shares of san jose's cisco systems are sliding tonight after they reported an 18% drop in net income. they earned $1.5 billion during the quarter that ended in january, and that is down from $1.9 billion the same quarter a year ago. shares were down 8%. wall street ended its day mixed. the dow gained 16 points and nasdaq lost seven. ben bernanke said that high
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unemployment may persist for years. rumors are flying tonight that nokia may set up shop in the bay area as part of a larger effort to revamp its product line is in an alliance with microsoft to build a handheld device that competes with apple and google smartphone. a south bay man will learn tomorrow if he will face felony charges for beating a police that he says molested him. lynch is accused of beating father jerry lindner. today the judge turned down a defense request to have the priest take the witness stand. >> ironically enough we have been not willing to step into court to testify and once again the authorities have protected him. >> his supporters rallied
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outside the courthouse. a teenager held captive by her claim against child protective services. >> we are very disappointed in the very agency that was there to protect him failed him. >> the young man is now 18 years old and lived with his aunts and uncles. he escaped his of users in 2008. his legal guardian and three others have been convicted of abuse and the claim seeks unspecified damages for child services a growing evidence of neglect and abuse. it is the first step to a lawsuit that is expected within a month. a sidewalk flower garden is the subject of a petition drive. it all started when the city
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issued a notice asking a resident to get a permit for his potted plants or remove them. the petition solicit support for the guard and then said they received the complaint and obligation to address it. the city says they encourage residents to beautify their properties but sometimes it requires a permit. workers began classroom renovations today and the school plans to open a new site on 10th street. it will enable cisco to triple its enrollment and accommodate 150 preschoolers. celebrity golfers and typos are a team it up this week on one of the most vocal courses in the world. they hit the green today at pebble beach to win money for their favorite judy that includes bill murray, george lopez, kevin costner, and ray romano. michael bolton 12 days around
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and $19,000 for his charity. >> every time you walk up to the ball your nerves are acting up because this is not what we do for a living. i am a lot better at microsoft. >> play gets underway for real tomorrow when the pros and celebrities try to make the cut for the at&t proam. the damage diet soda could be doing to your brain. an unusual sight caught outside the golden gate and why these orcas are swimming. a very cold night, temperatures are supposed to fall below freezing, when we come back.
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>> at the san mateo county fairgrounds today family and friends built an emotional goodbye to the california national guard. they will spend the next month training at fort lewis, washington before heading to iraq to provide medical care for soldiers. for many of the soldiers is will be there first deployment. congress heard from troops who say they face foreclosure at home was serving abroad. one captain testified that jp morgan chase overcharged him and then harassed him. he said the problem dominated his calls home. today a bank representative apologized and said most of the
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affected service members are being repaid. for all of those who drink diet soda there is disturbing news tonight as john fowler tells us, diet soda appears to be linked to a serious health problem. >> reporter: he says he drinks almost nothing else. >> fewer calories, not much sugar. >> reporter: after all that the obesity warnings, many people drink diet sodas. >> i like the taste of it, and less carbonation. >> reporter: a new study links regular drinking a diet soda to 61% increase risk of stroke. a blood vessel in the brain blowing up. researchers say they have factored out at the risk factors and diet soda drinkers had a 48% higher stroke risk. >> i have grown to like the taste of diet soda.
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i might think about this though. >> reporter: they caution against overreaction. >> it raises some questions but we do not know how good this study is being so do not overreact at all two days. it is very very preliminary. >> reporter: researchers say they do not find any reason why the ingredients would be linked to stroke but requires further study. use efs held a grand opening today for its new stem cell research facility. the facility sits along the coasts of monster drove into the 80,000 -- of mount citro and this court says it is recruiting at least seven researchers to work at the new
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facility. the computer tablet war increase today. hp unveiled a touchpad and two new smartphones which is designed to communicate with the touchpad. hp has not been built a price tag for the touchpad which goes on sale this summer. the music is fading out for the game franchise guitar hero. it is disbanded series of games because the ball in revenue. they'd say the last $233 million in the last fiscal quarter and the popularity of music-based video games appears to be dwindling. there is more news tonight about gabrielle giffords.
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the congress was in recently spoke for the first time since she was shot last month. she is reportedly speaking more every day and even ask for toast for breakfast. doctors say the ability to speak is a milestone. jared loughner is accused of the january 8 shooting that killed 11 people. the judge had four words for lindsay rohan today, do not push your luck. she is on probation for drunk driving conviction in 20 -- and 2007 and the judge warned the young actress that she needs to follow the law. orcas swimming outside of the golden gate caught the attention of people. >> reporter: tourists were in complete and utter awe as they watched a pot of 14 orcas swim alongside their charter boat
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this morning. >> they have to be about 53 feet away or less. >> reporter: they are normally found warmer waters and the captain has only seen a large group of killer whales three times. >> i jumped up in the air and screamed. i always do. it is exciting for me. >> reporter: the whales pass underneath the boat several times and then started swimming alongside his. >> they decided we were the most interesting thing around in the ocean which is pretty cool which means they changed their course to come and check us out. >> reporter: the largest orcas were 30 feet long and there were also several gas sipping alongside their mothers. >> their eyesight is excellent and once they are at the surface of the water they can see us really well -- also several calfs alongside their mothers. >> reporter: those on board
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today were thankful. >> san francisco will to resist taking the boat out again on friday and they are not sure how long this orcas would stay in the region but it is possible that they could hang around for the next couple of days. we may finally learn tomorrow at the university of california will reinstate up to five sports programs. the chancellor will announced which sports -- will announce which sports will be cuts. about 160 athletes are in limbo. you might say that a coach in north carolina has hit it out of the park for one of his players to. it is windy now and wet weather could be added to the mix. meteorologist rosemary orozco
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will tell us when wearing lowrise. if there is no tv nearby, you
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>> a blizzard blanketed oklahoma and arkansas with snow is moving into the deep south
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and proving in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. conditions are causing so many accidents that police can only respond to crashes with injuries. >> it is so pleasant out there. we are looking at the plans -- the winds lightening up and we will have temperatures fall. 51 in concord. hour winds are a little gusty but have since called in most cases. a nice, light, north easterly breeze. we will have cold temperatures bunch again. a ridge of high pressure. and tonight we will fall below
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freezing in many cases. so who is going to see those temperatures below freezing? we will show you that in just a moment. 29 degrees is expected in santa rosa for two nights. 30 and the layout as we head to the east side of the day and valley. if you are closer to the coast, upper 30s and lower 40s. and mountain view, 38. the cold temperatures will be the story tomorrow morning. by noontime we do bounce back into the 50s and it won't be a nice pleasant day. we will be sitting in the low to mid-upper 60s across the area. here we go for your neighborhood. 55 expected and 63 and hayward. off to the coast, san francisco
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looking at 61. if we look at the areas and mountain view in santa rosa, mid-60s morgan hill and mid-60s expected in gilroy. the five-day forecasts. we have been talking about it and talking about it. we do expect increasing clouds and chile overnight lows. noticed by sunday afternoon highs to drop off. on monday the brain is expected to return and it looks that could be sticking around. >> thanks, rosemary. finally tonight the story of a college basketball coach. one of his players needed a kidney transplant and doctors could not find a match until his coach stepped forward. after undergoing surgery, both of them are doing fine. it appears the boy will make a full recovery.
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that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. had a great >> -- have a great night.
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